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gdc  Graham plays for Her Majesty - June 1996

Graham plays for HM The Queen - Loughborough Grammar School - June 1996
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To celebrate the Quincentenary of Loughborough Grammar School, HM The Queen visited the School on June 28th 1996 in order to officially open the "The Queen's Building" [Theatre and Drama Studio + English Department classrooms]

She specifically asked to hear a performance of the anthem specially-commissioned for the Quincentenary from the internationally renowned composer Andrew Carter, and so - I suppose - I became ipso facto :
"Organist by Appt. to Her Majesty the Queen" 
and Peter Underwood, therefore, "Director of Music by Appointment etc etc..." !

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Graham in Nice, on return from Greece
[that's retirement for you!]

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Wishing Her Majesty, The Queen,
Happy Birthday 2021

 HM The Queen

 Parents' Wedding 9.v.1942

Parents' Wedding Day

9th May 1942