.mp3 tracks from the LES Opera Group's production of
Rodgers and Hammerstein's

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S O U T H   P A C I F I C
[performed on Friday 20th March 1987]

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Overture Act I


Cock-eyed Optimist

Twin Soliloquies

Some Enchanted Evening

Reprise of "Dites-moi"

Bloody Mary

There is nothing lke a dame

Reprise of "There is nothing...."

Bali Ha'i

Reprise of "Bali Ha'i"

Overture Act II

Incidental Music and Hijinks!

Happy Talk

Younger than Springtime

Honey Bun

Carefully Taught

This nearly was mine

Musical Interlude and Fly-over

Reprise : 'Some Enchanted Evening'

March-off to board Landing-Craft

Reprise of 'Dites-moi' > re-emergence of Émile - final applause

Final Reprise : 'Honey_Bun' > further final applause!


Overture Act I

"Dites-moi" »» "Cock-eyed Optimist"

Dialogue leading to "Twin Soliloquies"

Dialogue leading to "Some Enchanted Evening"

Dialogue »» reprise : "Dites-moi" + "Bloody Mary"

Dialogue »» "There Ain't Nothin' Like a Dame!"

Dialogue »» reprise : "There Ain't Nothin' Like a Dame!"

Dialogue »» "Bali Ha'i"

Music and dialogue »» reprise : "Bali Ha'i"

Music and continuing dialogue

Overture Act II

Incidental Music and Hijinks!

The Cast of the 'Hijinks' and more of the plot....!

Dialogue leading to "Happy Talk"

Dialogue leading to "Younger Than Springtime"

Iron Belly's Address!

Honey Bun

Dialogue > 'Carefully Taught' > Dialogue > 'This nearly was mine'

Dialogue > Fly-over > Dialogue

Dialogue > Reprise of 'Some enchanted evening'

Music and dialogue > musical march-off to board LCTs

Dialogue > Reprise of 'Dites-moi' > Émile re-emerges > final applause

 That's all, Folks!

Ngana Ceri Lewis / Fiona Watt
Jerome Richard Hubner / David Roberton
Henry Graham Hall
Nellie Forbush Ginny Jones
Emile de Becque Gary Lowe
Blood Mary Tracey Williams
Abner Felix Buxton
Stewpot Andrew Kaitiff
Billis Nick Sutcliffe
Professor Andrew Mayo
Lt.Joseph Cable Alexander Vass
Capt.George Brackett Christopher York
Cdr. William Harbison Michael Tansey
Quale David Hackett
Johnson Niall Maxwell
Wise Mark Wells
O'Brien Patrick Tansley
Radio Operator Rob MacAffrey Jason Airey
Marine Cpl Hamilton-Steeves Andrew Green
Staff-Sgt Thomas Hassinger David Bishop
Jerome Geoffrey Matts
Larsen Adam Hillary
Liat Rachel Smith
Marcel Jimmy Wong
Lt.Buzz Adams Simon Scoggins
Genevieve Susannah Hopkinson
Lisa Katyherine Breathwick
Connie Louise Green
Janet Sarah Horton
Bessie Bregje Hulsman
Pamela Sally Brown
Sue Fleur Beeley
Dinah Rachael Higgins
Patricia Alison Moore

Jonathan Prevost, Joe Margetts, Christopher Hawkes, Jonathan Hopkinson, Bill Orr, Paul Dudley, James Heath, Jonathan Grouse, Nicholas Brennan, Alistair Dunn, Louise Bartlett, Jannifer Bishop, Jane Bray, Jacqueline Brister, Vivienne Cherry, Anne-Marie Culhane, Karen Firth, Catherine Gardener, Emma Graham, Juiet Gray, Rachel Horrill, Emma Massey, Joanne Mutimer, Rachel Oldroyd, Judith Palin, Louisa Phillips, Alison Smith, Rachel Smith, Victoria Stoddart, Diana Taylor, Jessica Taylor, Rachel Wain, Philipa Whittard, Sarah Whymark.

1st Violins ELEANOR SMITH [Leader], Mr B de Frettes, Iona Brown, Mr E Thorpe, Nick Rodgers, Catherine Cawte
2nd Violins Rebecca Margetts, Helen Read, Rebecca Murphy, Miles Graham, Andrew Dawkins, Phillippa Bentley, Alexandra Stibbe
Violas Mr S Turton, Mrs H J Coles, Alison Briggs [OL]
'Cellos Jason Rice, Simon Tyler, Juliette Leverment, Mr A T Cross, Miss S Leeds
Double Basses Lucy Hayward-Williams, Andrew Godfrey
Flutes Lisa Coulson, Melissa MacLean
Oboes Ailson Whitehead, Anne Fuller
Clarinets Sarah Bray, Victoria Murcott, Alexandra Pratt, Elizabeth Merry
Bassoons Andrew Cooper, Sam Thomas
French Horns Jeremy Rodgers, Martin Turnidge
Trumpets Marianne Arnot, Andrew Read, Max Harrison
Trombones Mark Evans, Chris Wilkins, William Yates
Percussion Benjamin Bowden, Nicholas Markson
Harp, Birdsong  [DX-100 Synthesizer] Mr G D Campbell
Rehearsal Pianists Messrs S G Turton, S Smith
Instrumental Coaches Messrs J R Aram, A T Cross, B de Frettes, D W Tallent, Mesdames J Dawlton-Pawle, J Roper, E Thomas
Assistant Producers Mrs E Heap, Mrs J Ravnkilde, Mr J Burns
Stage Management Mr S Lane, Mr S Wheddon
Stage Crew Simon Burrows, Rob Mason, Ian Sherlock, Mark Hammond, Stephen Foster, Charles Maltby, Joseph Smith, Andrew Manger, Graeme Webber, Jon Cornaby
Lighting Director Mr G P Thomas
Lighting Crew Arnold Hennessy, Nicholas Ecob, Paul Harries, Richard Stephenson, Richard Forsythe, Nicholas Moss, Alistair Simmonite, Michael Rice, Michael Fenney, Adam Sadler
House Management Mr S Leese, Phillip Smith
Ticket Sales and Front of House Philip Smith, Tom Clarke, Chris Stephenson, Greg Hartshorne, Ashish Raivadera, Scott Pickering
LHS Ticket Sales Mr A Mercer, Mrs C Lundie, Mrs G Fernandez
Set Design Mrs J Richardson, Miss S Burridge
Set Construction Mr S B Webb, John Wardle, Simon Burrows, Charles Thompson, Jim Bliss
Painting A Cooney, J Margetts, S Carter, S Chilvers, R Pollitt, A Pratt, S Hopkinson, F Wartley, L Bartlett, J Brister, L Betjeman, E Collard, H Clay, A Culhane, F Hayes, G Law, S Walker, Z Wood
Sound Mr D Bishop, Carl Taylor, Paul Wilson, Andrew Cooney
Special Effects Andrew Armstrong
Properties Mr P Pillot, Helen Ixer, Sarah Daniels, Jane Cawood, Melanie Walker, Amanda Walker, Melissa Farmer, Nicola Webster
Choreography Mrs E Jenkins, Miss N Beesley [NMB Academy of Dance]
Costumes Mrs J Firth
Make-up Mrs E Heap, Mrs J Ravnkilde, Mrs B Stringfellow, Caroline Thorman, Rachel Dawes, Katherine Storey, Jane Dudley, Elizabeth Pattison, Vanessa Taylor, Nicola Holdsworth
Catering Mr N Rowbotham, Mrs L Rowbotham, Elizabeth Rowbotham, Mr A S Thorpe, Mrs M Wood, Hatim Khanbhai, Baljinder Singh, Mark Graham, Steve Kean, Andrew Smail, Richard Hall, Tony Royce, Azam Mamujee
Poster Design Andrew Cooney
Acknowledgements Watts Costumiers, Manchester Little Theatre, Little Theatre - Leicester, The Towers Hospital - Leicester

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