Recordings of The Choir of Loughborough Grammar School - 8th October 1991

Director : Peter Underwood
Guest Conductor : Bryan Anderson
Organist [and Pianist] : Graham Campbell
Performance was in Emmanuel Church, Loughborough.

Prior to what was to be a second very successful tour of Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia, during Easter 1992, Peter arranged a Choral Workshop where several items were rehearsed under the baton of guest conductor Bryan Anderson [from the Royal School of Church Music], among which Fauré's Requiem in the version edited/arranged by John Rutter for Choir and Organ. - [The "Offertoire" was omitted.]

As with all recordings of the Choir, the performance was recorded "as was" - the occasional cough or 'fluff' prove this : we never went in for 'cosmetic clean-ups'!

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Gabriel Fauré
[1893 Version]

Rest eternal grant them, Lord God, we pray to thee : and light perpetual forever shine on them.
Thou, O God, art worshipped in Holy Sion : unto thee the vow shall be performed in Jerusalem.
Hear us, Lord; Lord, hear thy servants' prayer. Lord, unto thee all flesh shall come.
Kyrie eleison; Christe eleison; Kyrie eleison.

Holy, holy, holy; Lord God of hosts;
Heaven and Earth are full of thy glory, o Lord;
Hosanna in the highest.

Blessed Jesu, dutiful and obedient, give them everlasting rest.

Solo Treble : William Harriss

Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world, grant them rest for ever more.
May light perpetual shine upon them, Lord we pray : with all thy saints in endless glory, for thy mercy's sake.

Lord I pray; deliver me from death's everlasting fire on that great Day of Judgement,
on that last dreaful day when the earth and the heavens shall shake and tremble,
and thou shall come with thy mighty flaming fire of judgement.

Solo Baritone : Niall Maxwell

May God's holy angels lead you to Paradise; may saints in their glory receive you at your journey's end,
guiding your footsteps into the Holy City, Jerusalem

Also under Bryan Anderson's bâton ...

Handel : Coronation Anthem "Zadok the Priest"   -  - higher quality sound of .wma format [c.5Mb]

Handel : Coronation Anthem "Zadok the Priest"   -  .mp3 format [c.1.4Mb]

Michael Hurd - "Swingin' Samson" for treble voices

"Extras!" Gabriel Fauré
In the following performance, the Choir is directed - as usual - by Peter Underwood.

Here's the "Cantique de Jean Racine" - always a favourite with Choir and audiences alike.
Ably assisting the Organist here is Simon Noon, playing the "cantilena" over the accompaniment 'interludes', which allow the Choir a short breather!
Simon is now firmly at the controls himself, as a fully-fledged Commercial Airline Pilot.

NEW for Jan. 2018

NEW for Jan. 2018
This is the 1992 USA Group's rehearsal recording of the 'Jubilate' by Benjamin Britten - recorded at the end of an Emmanuel Church Thursday practice session.

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