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About Graham ...

     SHS Organ
  • Graham was educated in Southend‑on‑Sea, at the Boys' Grammar School

    As well as taking French, German and Music at A‑Level, he took organ lessons with the then Head of Music, Keith Kent [MA,DMus,FRCO] as the school had a  "Hill, Norman and Beard"  pipe-organ : a gift from the Old Boys' Association.
    Little was he to know that these lessons would eventually lead him to play in front of Her Majesty The Queen in 1996 -  [as you'll have seen above top-right (click to enlarge) and from the Home Page on this site!]  -  and then to speak with her.

      Life for most of us brings few highlights - this was certainly one of the greatest of his!

  • Life after Grammar School took him to the University of Leicester to read French Single Honours.

  • There followed a 31½‑year teaching career at Loughborough Grammar School  [Leicestershire].
      inter alia...
      1972-75 : Assistant Housemaster in School House
      1975-77 : Assistant Housemaster in Red House
      1977-83 : Housemaster of Red House
      1984-2003 : Accompanist [Piano and Organ] to The Choir of Loughborough Grammar School
      [Click the "Music" button on my HomePage]
      1988 : wrote the first LGS DataBase for the Admin Department in Basic V for Archimedes Computers - [in the days pre-Bill Gates PC take‑over‑blitz!]
         All sorting of options, printing of form-lists & set-lists, addresses etc. were handled from this program.
      1989‑2003 : Founded and produced "The Heron"  [the thrice‑termly Newsletter for parents and pupils]

  • Whilst teaching French, he became a fully-qualified Approved Driving Instructor [ADI] - now Grade 6 - registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency [DVSA].

  • He has attended the month‑long DVSA Examiner‑Training Course at DVSA Headquarters at Cardington, Bedfordshire.

  • He holds the Cardington Special Driving Test Certificate at Grade A.
    [This is the highest driving test award available to non-Police Drivers]

  • From 1999 to 2003, in conjunction with the DVSA/ORDIT-approved Driver Training Agency A.I.M. in Clowne [Derbyshire], he trained [on a part-time basis] Prospective Driving Instructors ["PDI"s] for their DVSA Examinations, prepared ADIs wishing to take the Cardington Special Driving Test, and offered refresher-training/assessment prior to ADI "Standards Checks".

  • From 1999 to 2011 he was on the former DSA/ORDIT* Register of approved Trainers of Instructors, firstly under A.I.M. and then under TIC/RED.
      [*ORDIT stands for the "Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers".]

  • In May 2003, he attended the DVSA Examiners' Training Course at DVSA Headquarters at Cardington, Bedfordshire.
    However, on completion of the Course, he was 'head-hunted' into full-time Instructor-Training - which actually paid a bit more, and came with a Company Car!
    It also allowed Graham to continue to have input into hopeful success rather than spend the majority of his work‑time informing ill‑prepared candidates of their failure.
    Remember DVSA Test pass rates for all Practical Tests weigh in at [well] under 50%!

  • Consequently, in June 2003, he started work as a full‑time Trainer of Instructors with The Instructor College [TIC] in Derby   - later re-branded as RED Instructor Training [RIT].

  • In January 2004, at the Company's Annual Conference, he was presented with a TIC Achievement Award - "In Recognition of his Contribution to Training".

    • In September 2006, at the Company's Annual Conference, he was presented with a second TIC Achievement Award in recognition of his contribution to training, not least for having helped set up the then new Instructor College in Leicester.

  • In March 2010, he was appointed Senior Trainer at Derby Instructor College.

  • He retired from full‑time training in July 2011, and now undertakes   ADI "Standards Check" training, as well as offering on‑line advice on all aspects of L‑driver‑ and Instructor‑Training.

  • He has also regularly instructed for the former Institute of Advanced Motorists - [now re-branded as iamRoadSmart ] - and assessed prospective Minibus drivers for Schools and Voluntary Groups.

  • He has been awarded the IAM Trophy as "Advanced Driver Trainer of  the Year" [Leicestershire].

  • He has signed the voluntary "Code of Practice"  drawn up by the DVSA - [latest edition, 2017]

  • To sum up, he holds a B.A. Honours Degree in French and the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education - each from Leicester University - the NVQ Level 3 Assessor's Award with Edexcel and has been involved in teaching and training for all of his working career.

Graham D Campbell - BA [Hons] / PGCE [Leicr] / DVSA ADI [Car]  (1998-2018)  Grade 6 / MMSA / former‑MIAM
• DVSA Examiners' Training Course at Cardington - May 2003
former-DSA/ORDIT-approved Trainer of Instructors - at Parts 1, 2 and 3 : 1999‑2011
• Holder of the Cardington Special Driving Test Certificate at Grade A
• DVSA-approved Trainer of Hazard Perception - from February 2005
• January 2004 - awarded "The Instructor College Prize" in Recognition of his Contribution to Training during 2003
• September 2006 - again awarded "The Instructor College Prize" in Recognition of his Contribution to Training during 2006
• Holder of the NVQ Assessors' Award at Level 3 with Edexcel
• Awarded "The Frank Gamble Trophy" as IAM's Most Successful Advanced Driver Trainer - Leics."

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