Friends asked me earlier this year for some ideas on the best way to manage their new laptop.
On their 'old' laptop, all their documents and files were in the "[My]Documents" area, but not separated into meaningful folders.
I had a bet that all their incoming emails were in the "Inbox" and either not deleted once read and no longer needed, or else not filed into "keep-me" folders.

I was right!

This isn't the first time I've been asked for some tips, so I dug out some previously-sent emails to various friends, and here are some of the contents for you. More tips will follow.

Written in, I hope, 'plain English'  they may be of interest to you;
...if not, then it's my usual "Catherine Tate sentiment" -  CT


Click the logo to view / download : more to come soon!
TC How to NAME : files / photos / spread‑sheets / voice‑recordings etc.etc. in a structured way, given the completely chronological way computers file things away, thank goodness!
 A.D.?  A.D.? How to create FOLDERS and SUB‑folders satisfactorily, for easy retrieval down the years.

A diary search for [as an example] holiday photos of, say, Marrakesh, starts off with thinking 'Which year was it? - I know it must have been July/August...'

 bin Cleaning all the 'crap' out of your browser!
   'Hard' spaces - so useful!

Keep sense groups together even if there'd normally be a spill‑over at the end of a line : - 26th April 2020  need never become  26th
  April 2020

   'Click'  or  'Shift+Click'?

Marking off blocks of text for deleting / emboldening / italicising / underlining / or all three ! etc etc - and later there'll be a different, perhaps even more handy use explained for getting used to this key-combination.

Take a look here first!

   Easy-to-use "Control Codes" as well as using 'Ctrl+Click'

Selective marking of files for 'Moving' / 'Copying' / 'Deleting'
...a simple Introduction to Control Codes.

Setting up a  GoogleDrive™  - an illustrated .pdf file with loads of suggestions and tips for setting up a CloudDrive from within your Google account.
[You'll need a Gmail address, of course - but you ought to have one in any case!]

There'll be a separate file coming soon on setting up the desktop version of your  GoogleDrive™ .

Drive Something different for you!!

You're now 'allowed' out of the UK into the Schengen Area [basically, the EU] for only 90 days in 180.

Here's a little download of a spreadsheet page which calculates very easily how many of your 90-day post‑Brexit 'allowance' 😡 out of the UK into Schengen countries in any 180 days [from first departing] you have remaining!

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